What We Do


Zinfra has a team of HV commissioning engineers and HV electrical technicians with an extensive range of knowledge and experience within the power industry, and specifically in the construction and testing and commissioning of HV and LV plant and assets.

We offer a wide range of HV services including:

  • Electrical HV construction (primary and secondary)
  • Electrical HV testing (primary and secondary)
  • Electrical HV maintenance (primary and secondary)

Our services include:

Zinfra, HV Testing

Zinfra, HV Maintenance 

Zinfra, HV Commissioning 

HV Testing
HV Maintenance
HV Commissioning
  • Earth system testing (electrode resistance, soil resistivity, current injection and earth grid integrity)
  • Earth leakage protection devices
  • Transformer testing (oil testing (including DGA), ratio tests, vector group testing, and insulation resistance)
  • Switchgear (including busbars and circuit breakers)
  • Protection relays testing (including a wide range of vendor products) including statutory maintenance and calibration checks)
  • High potential testing (including VLF)
  • Tan-Delta testing (switchgear, busbars, circuit breakers, CT's and VT's and HV cables)
  • Diagnostic testing on switchgear, busbars and circuit breakers
  • Protection systems
  • Control systems
  • Transformers
  • Generation plants
  • CT's and VT's
  • Capacitor Banks
  • HV and LV switchgear
  • Transformers
  • AC and DC Drives
  • Protection systems
  • Control systems
  • Generation plants
  • CT's and VT's
  • Capacitor Banks
We have the following High Voltage in-house tools and equipment:
  • Omicron CPC 100 primary test system
  • Omicron CMC 256 relay test system
  • Omicron CMC 356 relay test system
  • Omicron CT Analyser & CT SB2 Switchbox
  • VLF test set for cable integrity testing (VLF-12011CMF)
  • Phenix High potential equipment for dielectric withstand, IR and leakage current testing
  • Megger 200A resistance measurement system
  • CB-200 capacitance meter
  • Doble F6150 secondary test set for automated and manual single and three-phase secondary injection
  • A range of digital multimeters