Power: Stockyard Hill Wind Farm Transmission Line and Substation
Ballarat, Victoria
AusNet Services
May 2018
September 2019
Contract Type:
Construct Only
Power: Stockyard Hill TL

Located on farmland approximately 45km south of Ballarat, Victoria, the Stockyard Hill Wind Farm (SHWF) will have a total expected capacity of around 530MW from 149 turbines. Once completed, SHWF will be the largest wind farm in the country and is expected to provide electricity for 391,000 Victorian homes. The Wind Farm is connected to the Victorian Declared Shared Network (DSN) via approximately 55km of double circuit 132kV overhead line coming from 4 collector stations to a terminal station designated as Haunted Gully Terminal Station, where it will be connected to the 500kV DSN via the existing Moorabool Terminal Station and Tarrone Terminal Stations.

AusNet Services (ANS) on behalf of GWA engaged Zinfra to assist in the development, construction and commissioning of the following:

  • Complete construction of the 500kV/132kV Haunted Gully Terminal Station including all civil, structural and electrical works;
  • Construction of the interface works and cut-over to re-align the existing 500kV transmission line (the main connection between VIC and SA) and connect the Haunted Gully Terminal Station;
  • Complete construction of 70km of 132kV transmission line, connecting the 3 Wind Farm Collector Substations to the greenfield Terminal Station at Haunted Gully; and
  • Procurement for all the materials associated with the 132kV transmission line, with the majority being procured through our partner NARI.

A fit for purpose, safe delivery to the schedule is a key driver as the 132kV line is considered non-regulated; requiring a continuous improvement philosophy throughout the delivery of the project to optimize the design and schedule whenever possible. In order to preserve the project schedule, an early works purchase order was issued to permit commencement of project plans and procurement commitments.

Our highly regarded transmission lines crews, electricians and project management team are delivering the majority of the construction works, with Zinfra employing up to 100 people at peak times during the construction of the transmission line and terminal station.