Power: Granville Harbour Wind Farm Transmission Line and Substation
Zeehan, West Coast Tasmania
September 2018
November 2019
Contract Type:
Design and Construct
Power: Granville Harbour Wind Farm

The $280 million Granville Harbour Wind Farm is currently under construction near Zeehan, on the picturesque west coast of Tasmania. When complete, the wind farm will host 31 wind turbines that will produce up to 112 megawatts of clean, renewable energy available to Tasmanians; diversifying the state’s energy generation mix. This is enough electricity to power around 46,000 homes.

The wind farm will be connected to the Tasmanian grid via a new 12.5km transmission line that will join up to a connection point at the existing Reece Dam.

Zinfra were engaged by TasNetworks to design and construct the 11km Single Circuit 220kV Steel Pole Transmission Line, a 220kV Switching Station, and a 1.5km Dual Circuit 220kV Lattice Steel Tower Transmission Line across the Reece Dam wall connecting into the Hydro Tasmania Reece Power Station. Scope of works include:

  • Clearing, stock piling and site development: Clearing of site vegetation;
    • Construction of temporary and permanent access tracks;
    • Benching and levelling of proposed construction area;
    • Stockpiling of construction aggregate.
  • Switching Station design and construction:
    • 6 x 220kV disconnectors;
    • 3 x 220kV circuit breakers;
    • Associated post insulators & solid bus;
    • 12 x Capacitive Voltage Transformers (CVTs);
    • New conduit systems to new equipment;
    • New Pre-fabricated control building;
    • New fence arrangement;
    • New access track & associate internal pathways;
    • Associated secondary cabling and equipment;
    • Associated primary conductor and compression fittings.
  • Transmission line design and construction:
    • 11km single and 1.5km dual circuit 220kV transmission line to the new Dual OPGW Circuit Pieman Switching Station;
    • Two new circuits with hard tee at the Farrell – Reece No.1 and No.2 translines adjacent to the Reece Power Station;
    • Pole and tower foundation designs allowing for foundation type selection based on confirmed ground conditions;
    • Pole and tower erection;
    • All associated stringing activities.