Gas: Corio City Gate Regulator Upgrade Project
Client: Ausnet Services
Location: Corio, VIC

Corio City Gate Regulator Upgrade Project

Twelve months of design and meticulous planning was required by Zinfra in order to deliver the construction of new regulators and pipework for AusNet Services at Corio City Gate in a tight timeframe.

To facilitate construction, the existing meter had to be bypassed by a temporary piping arrangement. This temporary bypass however could only sustain off peak demands in the summer months, which meant all works had to be completed in the short month of February to avoid the risk of downstream loss of supply to customers.

The scope of the project included the removal and replacement of the existing Welker Jet and Jet Stream regulators, their respective legs with Gorter R100 regulators, as well as the replacement and relocation of the outlet header to above ground.

Other works required included the installation of mechanical protection bollards to protect the new above ground outlet header and other assets on site, and the inspection of above and below ground piping transitions to inspect their condition and to repair and recoat as necessary.

This project was significant for AusNet Services as the Corio City Gate is their most critical gas asset, in terms of the number of customers it supplies and a major suppliers of natural gas to the region.

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Zinfra Corio City Gate