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Zinfra digs in for Ergon Energy
APEN June 2015 digital edition out now

This excerpt about Zinfra is taken from this month's edition of Australian Power and Gas.

When Zinfra commenced the project to refurbish two 110kV transmission lines for client Ergon Energy, seven months seemed a reasonable amount of time to complete the works. 

Totalling approximately 110 kilometres - or “a whopping 585 poles!” as Ben Thomson, Project Manager for Zinfra put it – the project involved a series of pole changes and refurbishments along the two major 110kV feeders located in the Darling Downs in Queensland. 

This work could only be undertaken during outage periods scheduled by the client. Severe weather events over several months, however, meant nearly half the booked outages were cancelled. 

More time challenges were imposed by seasonal load requirements.  The feeders had to be available by ‘drop dead’ dates to meet demand created by increased air conditioner and heater use by Ergon Energy’s customers.

 “The crews battled severe storms, consistent outage cancellations, not to mention almost impenetrable granite rock around Warwick,” said Ben, “but they dug in and pounded out the work.  It was a mammoth effort that left the client pleasantly surprised that we delivered the work despite the time challenges and in the allowed timeframe.”

A positive hallmark of the project was collaboration. “The success of this project was largely due to the collaborative efforts between Ergon Energy and Zinfra.  Constant communication and ‘can-do’ attitudes went a long way in making this a successful project,” said Ben.

Zinfra called in additional manpower from Victoria and Tasmania and, “much to the delight of Ergon Energy”, fulfilled the contract within the tight timeframe, with no requests for extensions.

Ergon Energy’s Project Manager, Dirk Bakker, described Zinfra’s crew as “helpful and keen” and went on to attribute their project success to “paperwork, safety and processes that were all excellent.  Overall we were very, very happy with the project Zinfra delivered,” he said.

Ergon Energy Transmission Line Refurbishment