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Zinfra strings trial section of ACCR transmission line for AusNet Services.

 Moorabool; Zinfra

In a first for AusNet Services, Zinfra crews have installed a new technology high capacity composite conductor into two spans of the 220kV transmission power line running between the Moorabool and Ballarat terminal stations in Victoria.

Known as ACCR (Aluminium Conductor Composite Reinforced), it represents the first major change in overhead conductor since the conventional aluminium-steel reinforced conductor (ACSR) was introduced in the early 20th century.

AusNet Services is trialling ACCR for possible use in the future as it has the benefits of an increased current carrying capacity and greater ground clearance compared to conventional ACSR conductor.

The ACCR installation is part of a broader transmission line upgrade project that Zinfra has been delivering for AusNet Services since July 2016.

Transmission line crews are installing a third 220kV circuit onto the existing towers, mirroring what is on the other side of the tower. The existing towers were constructed in 1985 with the capacity to add these additional lines in the future, if and when energy needs in Victoria’s north-west region increased.

The scope of works includes the installation of 63.7 kilometres of conductor, on 136 suspension and 17 strain structures.

The project is running well, despite a cold, wet winter last year, and is on schedule for completion in April.